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Member Grant Information

Eligible Grant Recipients:

     -NMEA members or musical groups sanctioned by an NMEA member.

Grant Use Allowances:

     -Travel and/or expenses for NMEA State Conference.
     -Pay substitute teacher expenses to enable members to shadow an approved mentor teacher for one day.
     -Travel and/or expenses for in-state professional development opportunities.
     -Group travel and/or expenses for in-state musical events (i.e. festival fees, bus costs, etc).
     -Student financial assistance for the NMEA State Conference.

Grant Amounts:

     -NMEA members: up to $450
     -Groups: up to $1,000
     -Student Assistance for NMEA Convention: up to $75/ student
*Members/groups are only eligible for one grant per year.

Application Deadlines:

     -Activities occurring December- February: Application received by September 1st.
     -Activities occurring March- May: Application received by November 20th.
     -Student Travel for NMEA Convention: Application received by March 9th
     -Activities occurring June- August: Application received by February 1st.
     -Activities occurring September- November: Application received by May 20th.
    *Please do not submit application more than one year prior to event.

Submission Process:

     -Application submitted to Grant Coordinator by due date listed (please email grant coordinator when application is sent).
     -Grant Coordinator confirms receipt of application.
     -Executive Board approves or denies application during quarterly meeting.
     -Member will be notified of grant status within two weeks of decision. Funds are released at this time.
     -After event, member must submit actual expense breakdown with copies of accompanying receipts/invoices (if applicable).
           An evaluation form will be provided for this step of the process.

For further information, Contact Grant Coordinator

Dan Barthel
Email: dbarthel@washoeschools.net
Phone: 775-240-8617

NMEA Member Grants