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Command Performance

2024 Southern Zone Command Results 

Application: Deadline March 15, 2024

Application: Google Spreadsheet Closed

Payment per entry: $10.50 Due March 15, 2024

Northern Zone Performance Date: April 16, 2024   

Southern Zone Performance Date: April 19, 2024 6pm @ Small Schools All-State Festival @ Boulder City HS

Directions for Command Performance 
  1. Record each entry and upload to youtube

  2. Set the privacy settings on the video as "Unlisted"

  3. Click on the google spreadsheet link and make your own copy

  4. Rename the spreadsheet as "2024 CP (your school name) - (your last name here)"

  5. Complete the form

  6.  Share your google spreadsheet with:

  7. Pay your entry fees on 

  8. Email a copy of your payment to:

  9. Results will be posted on the NMEA website on March 22, 2024

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